One of the things I enjoyed most as a kid was to spend time with my grandmother in the country, she taught me many crafts, like knitting and macramé. Pottery was something I started many years later, as a hobby and a way to relax after a day in the office where I worked as an engineer. Little by little I started to realize that I really enjoyed that creative space and that I wanted to give myself the opportunity to dedicate more time to it.

My house started to fill up with pottery at which point my friends started buying it off me, and I participated in my first markets, which gave me the confidence and the encouragement that I needed to dedicate myself professionally to this.

I enjoy making by hand unique pieces that would accompany people on their daily routines, to be able to add something different to their quotidian activities, something that they can enjoy visually as well as use. I like details that contribute to a delicate and unique character in my designs.

My studio is a space of experimentation, where I have the freedom to try ideas that come to me when I go for walks, look at my previous work, or when I talk with people and artisanal fairs and markets. I think that just as much in life as in creation, it is important to listen to our wants, and to think and experiment without fear of messing up.

In the studio…